“With Professor Algo, I have finally found a company offering a real path to serious Algo education, something which is sadly lacking with every other company I have done business with.  They do a great job in presenting the material, but more importantly, they provide real world applications so that the students get training that can be applied immediately to the live markets.  I am very excited about the potential that I see in the Professor Algo training, and plan to pursue their full ADL Certification Program.”
Joe S.

“Like many independent futures and commodities traders, I was forced out of the trading arena 3 years ago not because I didn’t love trading, but because I was tired of losing money to all of the algo-driven strategies driving the market. I realized, later than most, that trading had become a game for quants and programmers. Me being neither, I felt my trading career was over for good. That was until I found Professor Algo. With Professor Algo, I am now on my way to creating my own trading algorithms without ever having to learn how to write a line of code. The videos are well thought out and easy to follow. They have created a comfortable and nurturing environment in which to learn, and they truly care about seeing all of their students succeed. Professor Algo is leveling the playing field and giving independent traders like myself the flexibility and skills needed to survive as the markets continue to become more and more technologically advanced.“
Jeff S.