Van_Vliet_Ben“It used to be that strategies in financial markets functioned as a form of discipline around fear and greed and the market savvy, or acumen, or just plain chutzpah of human traders.  Today, trading strategies are much less heuristic.  They by and large exist in the realm of ideas.  They are quantified and operated by computers in order to consistently profit from some identifiable inefficiency in the market.”
Ben Van Vliet – Professor  of Algorithmic Trading, IIT Stuart School of Business
Ben’s Interview HERE 


Professor Algo is a Chicago-based, financial technology startup that is radically changing the way electronic trading is taught in the modern marketplace. After questioning the methods by which we ourselves were formally educated for a career in the financial markets, the company was founded on a very simple premise:
There is a better way to prepare traders for the challenges and rigors of the capital markets in this era of HFT and algorithm dominated trading.
In the past decade, the trading industry has experienced a significant evolution in its competitive dynamic. Vast changes to the technological landscape have created a demand for a new educational model necessary for success, a model which most institutions are lacking. Because of this, large numbers of students & existing traders fail to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to compete.
Our suite of services directly addresses this “skills gap” by providing traders & those seeking a career in trading with the software, technical knowledge, and membership in a rich social ecosystem that the professionals on Wall Street tap into every day. Professor Algo partners with fellow industry organizations and experts who share a common vision about what trading education presently lacks, and what it should be. Together, Professor Algo is striving to bring lasting, quality trading education to those who wish to participate and compete in the financial markets.
Professor Algo proudly claims a management group which has dynamic expertise and years of experience within proprietary/institutional trading, enterprise level algorithm programming/design, as well as cutting edge university instruction. Our founding partners combine well over 15 years of trading experience in the equities, futures, & fixed income markets. Utilizing advanced trading concepts such as pairs arbitrage, crossing imbalances, and advanced usage of numerous algorithmic tools, Professor Algo knows what it takes to achieve trading success in today’s challenging markets. We are honored to share our knowledge and experience, with your success as our primary objective.


What is Professor Algo? Professor Algo is a gateway into the world of what it means to be a modern, high speed trader in the financial markets.
What makes Professor Algo different from any other trading education company? Professor Algo is comprised of a very talented and diverse group of professionals from the worlds of institutional & proprietary trading, enterprise algorithmic development, and university instruction. Because of this, we have the proven track record as well as the needed technical acuity to provide our traders/students with the very latest trading technology as well as high level trading theory. While other trading education companies still teach the Sharpe ratio and basic technical analysis, we at PA give access & instruction to state of the art tools which are normally reserved for Wall Street insiders.
Who does Professor Algo help? Professor Algo works with retail traders, professional trading firms, as well as universities.
Why doesn’t my college have Professor Algo? Because they probably haven’t heard of us yet! Professor Algo had its official launch in May of 2015, and plans to quickly scale to universities across the United States. If you would like to see Professor Algo at your school, spread the word! We are happy to engage with any accredited institution which desires to give its students access to the latest trading technology and theory.