Ben is a highly respected figure in the world of algorithmic trading where the real markets intersect with academic theory.
An algorithmic trading professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Ben has been a featured guest speaker on CNBC. Ben is passionate about modernizing and reforming the status quo within academia, recognizing that so many young students who strive to enter the world of trading are woefully under-prepared upon graduation.
Together with Professor Algo, Ben is striving to forever change the trading educational ecosystem.

Topic #2: Traders versus Algo Developers and the Overlap Importance.

Topic #3: Algorithmic Trading vs Automated Trading vs High Frequency Trading.

Topic #5: Today’s Opportunities for Coding Algorithmic Strategies.

Topic #6: A Discussion on the Scope of Fleshing out and Developing an Algorithmic Strategy.

Topic #7: Understanding the Difference between a Strategic Edge and Risk Management.

Topic #8: Back-testing & Historical Data to Forecasting the Validity of an Algo.

Topic #9: Liquidity Considerations and Gambling Theory versus Engineering Results.

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