ADL 101 Certification Course

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ADL 101 Certification

Gain the skills to build basic algos without prior programming knowledge! The Professor Algo ADL 101 Certification provides your gateway into the world of algorithmic futures trading. Taught in 3 Modules, the online home-study course gives you the ability to quickly get fully functioning and tested algos to the market – its time to trade.

Product Description

Professor Algo ADL 101 Course Includes a robust set of learning materials:

  • Logical course flow [3 modules] – build a solid foundational understanding incrementally. Each module contains a review quiz.
  • Trading & ADL terminology [1 cheat sheet] – review and build on your trading vernacular
  • Syllabus & PowerPoint [3 sets] – obtain a clear understanding of the module’s goals
  • Training videos [19 total] – step by step instruction walks you through the current goals and objectives. Each lesson guides you in designing, debugging, and deploying!
  • Homework assignments [3 total] – get your hands dirty! put your newfound knowledge to use!
  • Live Algo’s [5 total] – creation and implementation of FIVE working algo’s: Sniper, Profit OCO Trailing Stop, Slingshot Engage, Chaser, Time-Activated Liquidator
  • ADL 101 Certification Test – Students are automatically enrolled in the ADL 101 Certification Test upon successful completion of each module and the associated quiz material.

Bonus Training:
** Tuition for the previous, live-interactive version of this online training program, was $1,497. Your access grants you special bonus videos of previously recorded Live Classes and Live Q&A sessions. This means you get 3X the training value for the same affordable tuition. These six group videos (2 per module x 3 modules) beautifully connect some of the dots as you progress through the course.