Build Professional Trading Algorithms Without Programming a Line of Code

Here's the new way to open as many trading opportunities as you can handle.

  • For experienced traders who are tired of fighting the algos and ready to automate
  • For new traders ready to attack the markets of 2020 armed with a compelling competitive advantage

Visual Programming - The Game Changer

It’s a new world and a different approach to the markets is now needed. An approach that puts you on the same side as the big-money institutions. Algorithmic trading is the hottest growth opportunity on Wall Street. Engineering a new algorithm like the top quants, without writing code, is now possible. New technologies like visual programming languages free you from years of learning C++, Java and Python. With the help of Professor Algo- ADL 101, you can get a working algo to market in just four short weeks.

Certified ADL 101 Graduates Are Shown How to Build 5 Fully Functioning Algos and the Skills to Transform Trading Ideas into Algorithmic Trading Strategies. From zero knowledge to fully automated. Professor Algo ADL 101 gives you a powerfully effective step-by-step system that takes you from novice to a rock-solid algo building foundation. The ADL 101 Certification program is for traders tired of fighting the algos, and are ready to automate. If you’re ready to seize a favorable situation in finance, a potential new career is waiting,. Developing algos puts you at the forefront of this new industry.

Global markets are dominated by computers. The once glorious days of human intervention is gone. Today you have the chance to make a life-changing decision. Imagine becoming a computer programmer in 1980. The algorithmic trading opportunity is that big. Today there’s only one growth opportunity in the markets with “hockey stick” growth potential. Are you ready?

If there’s one guarantee in the markets, it’s that change is inevitable. Today that change is electronic trading. More specifically algorithmic trading. Did you know that over 70% of all transactions on major exchanges are executed by a program? A few years ago that number would have scared most traders, but today people like you and I profit from the chaos through algos.

Discretionary trading is frustrating and expensive. It doesn’t matter if you are day trading or holding for 10 days, the battle is lost before we start. Computer servers read data faster than we can blink. If you’re like me, when you think “algorithm,” you think of computer geeks and the line of code from the movie The Matrix. The learning curve for C++, Java or Python can take years, if you’re lucky.

Then after one random click, I started to read about TT (Trading Technologies) Algo Design Lab or “ADL.” The more I read, the more I wanted to know. I watched some tutorials and made a few calls to some contacts in the industry and it was the real deal. ADL was a new solution to overcome the “Flash Boys.” Imagine a software that produces trading code. You simply click and drag an order to bid, and the code magically appears. It’s that simple.

The ADL 101 training provides a comprehensive algorithmic trading education , which includes insights that only a former trader can provide. This creates the most complete and most comprehensive algo trading experience you could hope for. Below is a screenshot of the canvas you will use to develop the algos. If you work hard, this is a life-changing opportunity, in an industry that is exploding. If you’re a self-motivated trader who seeks to learn ADL in depth, the Professor Algo ADL 101 video training is the surest, most results driven method to develop your strategy and get to market.

ADL 101 - Course & Certification

  • Modules 1-3: Experiential Lessons that Deep-Dive into the Foundation of Your Algorithmic Trading Education. Each module contains studio quality recordings.
  • Video Training: Take notes, document questions and complete the weekly assignments.
  • Assignments: The ADL Certification series is designed to ensure your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • Section Quizzes: Cement the knowledge obtained in the current module! 
  • Module 4 - Certification: Gain your Professor Algo ADL 101 credentialing! 1 Hour, Online, Home-Study Test.
  • Algo Design Lab: The core of the training begins and ends with your growing knowledge of algorithmic trading and how you engineer that wisdom using the ADL canvas. The canvas is where you make the magic of automated trading happen. The ADL Training Videos and Comprehensive Visual Programming Tutorials transform hard work into opportunity.
  • Complete Traders Glossary: Professor Algo leaves no stone un-turned. The Traders Glossary guarantees all students will have the wisdom to speak the language.
  • Comprehensive Action Guides: Assignments and homework create a complete educational flow and learning process. These carefully crafted guides assist you in quickly implementing your new skills into your algo design projects.

ADL 101 - 5 fully functioning algos!

Students learn to build and deploy these 5 fully functioning algos:

The Sniper: For traders with size, who don’t want to show it until the exact moment. ‘Wait in the weeds and pick off your price without the market ever knowing you were there. Then disappear like a ghost’. Hide your order, hide your size until the exact moment to strike.
Profit OCO Trailing Stop: This new algo tracks your position from max profits and triggers a predefined exit that allows you to book your big winners. Two orders are in the market for one position. A fill executed be either order, triggers the program to cancel the other order for an exact match of shares or contracts filled.
Slingshot Engage: Timing is Everything. This ADL 101 algo flawlessly executes a unique set of conditions that trigger from a unique set of price-driven catalysts. The unique mechanism that triggers this algo is filtered criteria that never fires a new trade unless it is in sync with institutional order flow (discussed in the course).
Chaser: Imagine an open order that follows the best bid, but never places a live order in the market until the exact moment you want to buy. THEN, if your bid is not filled, the algo crosses the market to execute the trade making sure you are in the trade. This is the MARQUIS ALGO for Beginner Level students. Every point & click trader in the world should want this algo strategy.
Time-Activated Liquidator: Limit orders rest in a queue, first in line gets executed first. You leave the queue, you lose your spot. Picture working an order at a particular price, anticipating a timed event, such as an FOMC decision, earnings or the end of day. This algo maintains your order, until the optimal moment. The Ultimate Order Management Algorithm.

See the Sniper and the Chaser in Action HERE

  • Begin building your first 5 algorithmic strategies immediately.
  • Discover how the big players exploit automated trading and turn that knowledge into expertise for your discretionary trading strategies.
  • Learn the critical structure of design-debug-deploy for engineering new algo strategies that allow you to get to market without long delays associated with the legacy programming life-cycle.

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